Hello, this is Yalın.

I’m server/system administator with more than 10 years experience. I installed, managed and fixed thousands of servers bare metal or virtualized.

I’m experienced at web hosting panels(cPanel certified on all exams) e-mail servers with million mail sending volumes, dedicated servers at any point including firmware raid installation and management, proxy servers at corporation level or regular ones, VPN structures with all current solutions and anything you can imagine a people can install-manage-secure-optimize.

I can work at flat rate or hourly basis, can work on multiple jobs too; I have minimum budget to work and it depends on workload, I can also work full time(can work in US time, CEST or even extreme timezones according to job)

You can ask me about certificate details(cPanel account is not public) or experience level with tests(real world tests or informations)

You can contact me on admin@yalinyalniz.com or PM; also wa.me/447709923748 for Whatsapp messages.

Thank your for reading this at any time, and have a good day smile | jrdhub | Experienced and Certified Server/System Administrator Seeking Jobs | https://jrdhub.com